How Can One Man Cut A Log Into Boards All By Himself? By Using A Logosol

By | November 22, 2014


At the Holz-Handwerk show there are tons of circular saws, tons panel saws and tons of CNC mills. But there’s only one Logosol M8 Portable Sawmill. This crazy contraption is something like a chainsaw combined with a tracksaw, and one man (or one Swedish man, anyway) can unload the thing off the roof of his Volvo, carry it into the forest, and start making boards.

You’re undoubtedly wondering, from the photos above, how that lone dude got that big-ass log up onto the stand all by himself. It’s not just brute strength, there’s design involved, as you’ll see around 3:08 in the demo video:

You gotta love that Logosol being a Swedish company, the M8 is designed to be used in the snow.

And yeah, I almost wish I hadn’t come across this product; now I’ll never feel like a man again buying my boards at a lumber yard or Home Depot.


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